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About Us

Diesel Fuel Filtration Specialists, LLC. is a name you can trust. We provide personalized service and exceptional quality. All of our services and products are professional and dependable. As a small minority owned business, our mission is to save the earth one tank at a time. The outstanding service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers will not go anywhere else. We look forward to serving you soon!

Diesel Fuel Filtration Specialists is dedicated to preserving the earth and its environment for the future existence of life. We believe by cutting down on pollution and not letting our ozone be affected by the every day living and operational use of machinery. DFFS can help in the cause to fight the decline of our poor air quality and pollution to the air we breathe. We at DFFS know that by filtering the fuel that is stored in back up tanks can greatly help in the saving of our environment. Call DFFS today to start saving the earth today."

God Bless from Phillip and Mona Kelly

The Earth is full of goodness directly from the Lord.